My (major) wonky ass projects

Click at own risk! This is basically what stuck with me over the years next to my core job at Hogan Lovells Technology.

  • Legal 💖 Tech

    Germanys biggest Legal Tech Hackathon. We teach everything you need for the tasks. Strictly non-profit. Recently handed off to the next generation.

  • Legal Tech Expedition

    Introductory course to Legal Tech at TUM. Lightweight get-to-know. No longer involved since I switched chairs at TUM.

  • Open Legal Tech

    Free and Open Source no-code platform to automate workflows and responses to recurring requests, specifically designed for the legal market. Has since then turned into a full-fledged company.

  • Das Jura Quartett

    Christmas party joke that turned into a full-fledged product which almost immediately sold out. As all of us pursued our careers, we had to stop production and not restock.

  • MLTech

    Germanys first legal technology centered student association that is growing to this day. I am no longer involved in the day-to-day operations, but serve as an alumnus.