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Building the next generation of law is a task best tackled by multiple likeminded individuals from a variety of fields. This journey is open to anyone willing to contribute or learn, be it by sharing ideas, writing code, or simply by providing feedback or asking questions.

I myself will make sure to share everything I am allowed to share here for free, so I will collect and structure links to courses, papers and code that I find interesting myself. Therefore, I use this page as a mix of general learning resources I find helpful as well as a personal diary of my journey through all this. Also I will assist or teach wherever I can. If you are willing join this endeavour, please reach out; most paths at the intersection of law and tech are still very much unbeaten and look for pioneers!

I am speaking from experience; when I started coding on the side of my legal studies late 2015, I had no idea that there would be any syneriges between these fields. In fact, I did the coding to counteract the uncertainty that was presented to me at the end of most legal arguments I learned. If the code did not run, it was pretty much ecxlusively my fault, and not a different opinion of the judge. I liked that.

Shortly after, Legal Tech became a thing in Germany, and all of a sudden I was able to combine my nerdy hobby with my professional studies. Feeling at home at the intersection, I delved deeper into the field, and was lucky enough to build a network of amazing people from law, informatics, statistics, psychology and more. I myself was taught legal informatics , IT law and a majority of my code knowledge by some of the best in the field, and I am happy to pass on what I can while learning more on the side.