- upgrading legal

tl;dr - Happy for anyone to join the journey to the intersection of law and technology. I will share everything I can and deem valuable here openly.

Thinking back to law school alwalys leaves me with a feeling of unnecessary complexity and inefficiency. One goal - good grades in the state examination. To achieve this, three things were required: You needed to understand the core mechanisms of law, then you had to learn a lot of things on top of that by heart, and you needed to write fast. The thing is, the last two are not exactly what you would need in your real life legal job. And not spending time on improving one of these three things means you deliberately decrease your chance of good grades.

During and after my studies (I have been teaching IT law at LMU after - this is not part of what students need for german state exams) I developed a mad respect for anyone who was willing to take that risk and dive into tech on the side of their studies. And I would like to create a platform to assist with what little I have learned myself.

I think building the next generation of law is a task best tackled by multiple likeminded individuals from a variety of fields. As I wander through the unknown here myself and we all learned that walking through tall grass alone is dangerous, this journey is open to anyone willing to contribute or learn, be it by sharing ideas, writing code, or simply by providing feedback, asking questions or lurking in Discord...

I myself will make sure to share everything I am allowed to share here for free, so I will collect and structure links to courses, papers and code that I find interesting myself. Therefore, I use this page as a mix of general learning resources I find helpful as well as a personal diary of my journey through all this. Also I will assist or teach wherever I can. If you are willing join this endeavour, please reach out; most paths at the intersection of law and tech are still very much unbeaten and look for pioneers! Oh - also there is an annual beginners course on Python. Reach out if you want to join us, then I will get you on our Discord!